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Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2023
Join the Promethium Team: Engagement Manager Wanted!

At Promethium, we're not just breaking the mold; we're smashing it to pieces! We're on a mission to revolutionize the world of analytics and big data with the power of machine intelligence. Promethium has been recognized by SIIA 2022 Codie Award Winner for Best Data Tools and Platforms available. Say goodbye to long wait times and complex data tools – we're here to simplify your data-driven life, just like Google Maps simplified your travel plans. Imagine asking a question, and BAM! Promethium delivers the answers. It's like magic, but with data!

We’ve helped our customers build thousands of data products using our Data Fabric in 90% less time than it would have taken with their traditional tools and processes. Customers like Quest Diagnostics, Hostess, ATD, CJ Group and many others have chosen the Promethium Data Fabric to accelerate their ability to find and access data so they can deliver data products to the business at the speed the business requires. It's no wonder that Promethium was crowned "Best New Product CDO Recommended" in 2021, and we're proudly strutting our stuff on the CRN Emerging Vendors and Big Data 100 lists for the last 4 years

As a testament to our workplace culture, Promethium offers a diverse, collaborative and innovative environment which allows for your skills to shine and grow. Promethium has been chosen for Will Reed’s Top 50 Startups of 2023, an award spotlighting early-stage companies who are shaping the future of workplace culture!

We're growing faster than a rocket ship, and we're on a mission to make data as easy as pie for data-driven businesses. If you're ready to help us redefine the world of data and analytics, hop on board!

Job Title: Engagement Maestro

Are you ready to orchestrate unforgettable client experiences and lead the charge in transforming engagements into extraordinary adventures? Look no further! We are on the hunt for an enthusiastic Engagement Maestro to join our dynamic team.


As our Engagement Maestro, you will be the virtuoso behind harmonious client relationships and successful project crescendos. Your mission: turn ordinary projects into extraordinary symphonies of success, all while having a blast doing it!


  • Key Responsibilities:
  • 1. Client Serenading:
  • Woo clients with your charm and expertise, ensuring their needs are not just met, but exceeded.
  • Strum the chords of communication, making sure everyone is on the same harmonious page.
  • 2. Project Orchestration:
  • Conduct the project orchestra, guiding each section to play in perfect harmony.
  • Fine-tune project plans, ensuring they hit all the right notes of timeliness, scope, and budget.
  • 3. Collaborative Crescendos:
  • Collaborate with diverse teams, uniting them in a crescendo of creativity and innovation.
  • Play a key role in the symphony of stakeholder collaboration, ensuring a unified vision.
  • 4. Encore-Worthy Quality:
  • Ensure each project deliverable is of top-notch quality, worthy of a standing ovation.
  • Conduct regular performance reviews, ensuring our work continues to hit all the high notes.
  • 5. Client Applause:
  • Measure client applause through satisfaction surveys, striving for a standing ovation every time.
  • Swiftly address any concerns, turning frowns into thunderous applause.
  • 6. Financial Symphony:
  • Conduct a financial symphony, managing budgets and resources to compose a profitable tune.
  • Spot cost-saving opportunities, orchestrating financial efficiency without missing a beat.


  • Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or any field that lets you hit the right notes.
  • Previous experience in orchestrating projects and client engagements, bonus points for a rockstar performance in technology or consulting.
  • A natural flair for communication, transforming complex ideas into catchy tunes.
  • Leadership skills that can conduct a team to create beautiful music together.
  • Exceptional problem-solving abilities, turning challenges into musical masterpieces.
  • Proficiency in the art of project management tools and software.
  • Proficiency in the art of project management tools and software.
  • creatively to meet client needs.
  • Team Dynamo: Comfortable as a lone wolf or a team player in the fast-paced galaxy of SaaS.
  • CRM and Sales Tools Navigator:Familiarity with CRM systems and sales enablement tools is a bonus quest!

Additional information

Join our ensemble of innovators and let’s create a symphony of success together! If you’re passionate about turning engagements into unforgettable melodies, hit the high note and apply now. Let’s make music! 🎵🎶✨

What We Offer:

Perks for Days: Competitive compensation package with uncapped commissions, stock options, and more.

Work Your Way: Embrace the remote or hybrid work lifestyle from anywhere.

Rocket Ship Ride: Join early and ride the wave of a growing data fabric startup.

Health and Happiness: Enjoy health, vision, dental, and life insurance, flexible spending, unlimited PTO, parental leave, and a 401k with a 4% employer match.

Global Crew: Be part of a culturally diverse and distributed team.

Growth Galore: Count on professional growth opportunities in the dynamic world of SaaS.

Team Spirit: Soak up the supportive vibes of our collaborative work environment.

Shape Tomorrow: Help us shape the future of SaaS solutions – it's an adventure!