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Principal Engineer/Architect: Database Internals, Query Optimizer, Trino/Presto DB



New York, NY, USA
Posted on Friday, March 15, 2024

About Promethium

At Promethium, we're not just breaking the mold; we're smashing it to pieces! We're on a mission to revolutionize the world of analytics and big data with the power of machine intelligence. Promethium has been recognized by SIIA 2022 Codie Award Winner for Best Data Tools and Platforms available. Say goodbye to long wait times and complex data tools – we're here to simplify your data-driven life, just like Google Maps simplified your travel plans. Imagine asking a question, and BAM! Promethium delivers the answers. It's like magic but with data!

We’ve helped our customers build thousands of data products using our Data Fabric in 90% less time than it would have taken with their traditional tools and processes. Customers like Quest Diagnostics, Hostess, ATD, CJ Group, and many others have chosen the Promethium Data Fabric to accelerate their ability to find and access data so they can deliver data products to the business at the speed the business requires. Its no wonder that Promethium was crowned "Best New Product CDO Recommended" in 2021, and we're proudly strutting our stuff on the CRN Emerging Vendors and Big Data 100 lists for the last 4 years

As a testament to our workplace culture, Promethium offers a diverse, collaborative, and innovative environment that allows for your skills to shine and grow. Promethium has been chosen for Will Reed’s Top 50 Startups of 2023, an award spotlighting early-stage companies that are shaping the future of workplace culture!

We're growing faster than a rocket ship, and we're on a mission to make data as easy as pie for data-driven businesses. If you're ready to help us redefine the world of data and analytics, hop on board!

.Position Overview

Promethium is looking for Software Engineers to work on our engineering team. Our team features very strong software engineering talent, with years of core database engine and distributed systems development experience. As a Software Engineer, you’ll be designing and implementing Promethium products including Trino/Presto connectors and contribute directly to the core Trino/Presto project


  • Design and develop core components to the Promethium products for Trino
  • Contribute to the ongoing Trino development by implementing new features, bug fixes, and other improvements
  • Develop new and extend existing Trino connectors to various data sources
  • Guide DevOps and Data Engineering teams to scale Trino clusters to handle petabytes of data.
  • Lead complex and technically challenging projects from concept to completion
  • Write tests and contribute to ongoing automation infrastructure development
  • Run and analyze software performance metrics
  • Collaborate with teams globally across multiple time zones and operate in an Agile development environment

Requirements (Must Have)

  • Mandatory: 1+ Years of experience with Presto/Trino database. Knowledge about SQL Tokenizer and Parsing
  • Experience with database internals such as query optimization or query execution
  • Demonstrable experience with ability to review Trino query plans, understand the bottlenecks, and optimize the query execution plans.
  • Demonstrated experience with good engineering practices and software craftsmanship.
  • Appreciation for maintainable, working, high-quality software

Requirements (Bonus)

  • Experience with AWS, Azure, and/or Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience working on SaaS products or with Service Oriented Architectures
  • Experience with Kubernetes

How to Apply:

Ready to embark on the Promethium adventure?

Promethium is an equal-opportunity employer. We welcome and encourage candidates of all backgrounds to join our interstellar journey!