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Founding Software Engineer



Software Engineering
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, May 31, 2024

Join us at Cleric

Cleric is an AI-powered agent designed to diagnose and resolve issues in production environments. It focuses on high-frequency, low-severity issues that consume valuable engineering time. Utilizing an LLM-based reasoning engine, Cleric can interpret and diagnose production issues, even those it encounters for the first time.

We are building a future where engineers are freed up from the toil of managing complex production environments. Our mission is to develop autonomous software that can manage, repair, and optimize itself — the holy grail.

Now is a divine time to join. We're a small group of veterans in AI, software, and infrastructure, backed by a leading AI venture capital firm and Silicon Valley angels.

About the role

The founding software engineer will own the development of our agent platform. You will not only own the reasoning, learning, and integrations of our SRE agent, but also the underlying runtime and technical architecture of the complete product. You'll help keep engineering standards high, define the experience for our earliest customers, and lay the technical foundation for our company.

Ideally, these qualities describe you

  • You love building tools for fellow engineers. You consider it a craft.

  • You move quickly, but always leave the code base in a better state than you found it

  • You are familiar with machine learning concepts where systems are probabilistic instead of deterministic.

  • You’ve operated high-scale distributed infrastructure. You’ve seen it done right, and you’ve seen it gone wrong. Kubernetes, Kafka, Spark, microservices, and all the usual suspects.

  • You have experience building systems in high performance languages like Rust, C++, Go, Kotlin, or Scala.

  • You are obsessed with generative AI and have a background in building ML/AI systems.

  • You’re proficient in all the major tools (open or closed source) used in building and optimizing AI products.

  • You likely have 7 or more years of software engineering experience.

Examples of what you’ll do

  • Own the development of our product, Cleric. Everything from the LLM-based reasoning engine, memory module, evaluation stack, simulation environment, and more.

  • Ship a high-scale agent service capable of concurrently managing thousands of remote services and integrations.

  • Help us iterate toward product-market fit in an early-stage, open ended environment.

  • Embody our end users (engineers with operational responsibilities), immersing yourself in their needs, pains, and aspirations.

How we work

  • Small teams, big impact: We believe that small teams can deliver great products.

  • Culture matters: We value a positive and inclusive work environment.

  • In-person collaboration: We believe in working closely to deliver the best results.

  • AI-first approach: We don't simply build AI products; we augment ourselves with it.

Interview process

  • Screen: A 30m call with one of the founders.

  • Product assessment (1 hour): We'll deep dive into the product challenges in building agent based systems, everything from UX to go-to-market.

  • Software engineering session (1 hour): We’ll build a simple application together. Think practical software engineering and not leetcode.

  • System design session (1 hour): We will work through a system design problem with you. This will be related to the work you do daily.

  • Culture fit discussion: We'll talk about your background, your motivations, and our team culture.

  • Food: Grab lunch or dinner with us!